Donate Your Mini Hotel Products

If you’re anything like me, the end of summer vacation means you have a rather large collection of those little hotel bottles of shampoo and lotions. Instead of throwing them into the bathroom junk drawer to gather dust, or — heaven forbid — throwing them in the trash, gather them up into a large Ziploc baggie and donate them.

Women’s shelters, homeless shelters and churches collect those soaps and cleaners to give out to people in need. The small size is perfect for those forced to move often or to carry their belongings with them.

Teachers can encourage students and colleagues to bring in supplies from their own travels by placing a donation box in the classroom and posting a notice in the school bulletin or on the website. Student clubs might want to take up the cause. Even kindergartners can put together care packages and learn how to help people in need.

Not sure where to take the donations? Google your local food banks and shelters. Someone will be able to tell you.